I am new looking for help

Hi! I am new here to techscammersunite. What are some things I should be aware of? I already have a virtual machine running Windows 10. I am using Virtual Box to do this. What are some things that I should have or am missing? I am currently running Ubuntu 18.04.


Thats fully up to you, scammers connecting to a Ubuntu OS though, not going to go far to be honest. Popups 90% of the time target Windows users, the other 10% are Mac OS machines…never see any for Ubuntu or any Linux based OS.

  • I use Wireshark to track IP addresses connecting to my PC (Usually only works with TeamViewer as GoToAssist, Supremo, and others filter out their IP through private servers before connecting to you)
  • Make sure your VM is fully hidden in the OS you use. (I can’t provide help with VirtualBox to be honest as I’ve hit a lot of errors and stuff a long the way, so now I use VMWare.) But I’m sure theres guides on YouTube to achieve this regardless of the OS.
  • Use of RAT’s (Remote Access Trojan’s) are considered morally wrong and illegal and some countries, so make sure you think long and hard before you consider using RAT’s, as you can get in big trouble.
  • Always use a VPN when scammers connect to your PC, one i’d recommend is Mullvad VPN

If you have more specific questions don’t be afraid to ask, I wasn’t 100% sure what your question entailed so I answered it to the best of my ability. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Baitin’!

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Hi! Thanks for the help. I do have one question though. So, my host is running Ubuntu 18.04 And I have installed Virtual Box on this system and installed Windows 10 on the Virtual Box just to clear things up. Do you know of any VPNs for Ubuntu? Or should I install the VPN on the Virtual Box?

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You should run the vpn on your host and as for vpns on Linux I recommend private internet access but it is a paid vpn service… I’m really not to sure about any free ones.

Thanks! Also do you know of a tutorial of how to change the system information on the Virtual Machine with the Host being Ubuntu 18.04? I have looked on youtube and I can not find any. Any chance you have stumbled across one on youtube that I missed or know of a tutorial on here?

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I use VMware mainly so I don’t really know much about hiding vm info on virtual box

That’s okay. Thanks for the help anyway!

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don’t stress hiding the info the micro tech scammers didn’t even look I am Linux mint 19 with vmware windows xp with windows 7 theme just put passwords like syskey so they can’t syskey you which will end the call pretty much in my experience

I know this is an old thread, but Jim Browning has a good how-to for hiding the VM from scammers. Here’s the link: