I just file transferred as much as I could off a scammer PC

Hello everyone so I just took as much as I could off a scammers real computer before he disconnected I am going to post 2 pictures of there call center the rest of the private info I sent to Scammer Revolts and I will let him take it from here.


It looks like they are set up in a church!

Nicely done! Do you have a number to bomb them some more?
edit: Wtf is up with the balloons? Maybe to boost scammer morale?

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No I always post numbers but this time they called me on 10000000000000 so yeah we cant really call that but busted I should have made a video but eh I am not into making videos on YouTube I will leave that Scammer Revolts its not that I dont know what I am doing bc I work in IT and I know my way around any OS its just I would rather call them or have them call me and then just write step by step of what they are doing I still have all there personal files saved just incase but I am waiting for Scammer Revolts or anyone else to see if they can get more info on this group, I find it funny they work out of a Church, I found those pics while I was transferring everything to my vm.

i love when i come across pictures

church equals free power

would make a good back screen to some antiscammer videos