I think this is a scam

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Yeah, they state that they connect you to another 3rd party tech service, mchelper.com, which is definitely a scam.

Definity a scam site.

Number: +1-865-290-0160

Other links:

Scammers just hang up. I’m 18, but apparently I sound like a “kid”, so that must be why they never listen too me. After calling to 2 different numbers and getting the same guy I think, he starts calling me from (352) 415-2557. Like 5 times in 20 seconds lol. They must be super mad.

Yes this is MC Helper (My Computer Helper) one of the larger scam companies active in the past couple years.

Called them for 3 hours straight as soon as they hung on me I would change my number and call again they memorized my voice to the point where I called for probably the 100th time this lady picked who talked to me the most and I heard it in her voice “i dont know why hes back”, priceless to me :joy::joy:

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