I would like to help you guys in spaming their numbers with fake calls

Im from India an i know guys most of these scammer shits are from my motherland and I’m enraged to see them spoiling my mother’s name,so i thought of helping you guys even though i dont have any programming knowledge I can spam call their numbers using textnow app which i downloaded the cracked version(im in india and this app is usefull to frequently change numbers and prank my friends) and im an great fan of @ScammerRevolts david,
I own an memes page in Facebook and Instagram i could make some contribution to this site by shareing it and its good work there,and i create memes,these are the things i can do sadly because i haven’t studied computer and being an botany student i couldn’t learn more about programming,thanks guys if need anything from me just reply guys im dying to help you guys,Keep on the good work