Illuminati Scamer (601)228-2602

Hello everybody, I am a volunteer at wikiHow, which is a wiki website that allows people to learn about how to do things. At wikiHow, we have a feature that allows people to submit tips for articles. All tips are reviewed multiple times before they are published. Sometimes, people decide to submit “interesting” things that really are not tips through this feature. When I was patrolling some of the tips, I came across a strange submission. Here is the text of the submission:

I ACQUIRED ALL MY WEALTH WITH THE HELP OF ILLUMINATI BROTHERHOOD Brothers of the world, to what extent can you go for riches, fame, and power? Ask Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg, Jay Zee, Barack Obama, and other influential men and women of the world to quit their quest for more money, fame, and power and see their reactions. My name is Calson Mark and I am 50, I have a great testimony to share with readers out there today on how Illuminati rescued me and gave me the affluence I never dreamt of growing up. Reading this, I believe you have the same purpose and quest I had a few years ago. I have really toiled in my life questing for a way to greatness in life and this came with a lot of pains frustrations and betrayals along the way. How many times have you been deceived or scammed because you desire greatness? It is not new if you say severally because indeed I have been through that path before and I know exactly how it feels when you don’t think you have the heart that could trust again and worst of all you’ve developed a very deep low self-esteem, you don’t feel like you belong to social caucus you truly deserve. Don’t be deceived if anyone tells you that you cannot get the perfect life you dream of. It only takes the right connection and timely information to get there. My regrets in life were that it took me quite a long time to discover the truth about real wealth making and all-round freedom in life. I lost my dad to a sudden illness when I was 23. He died a pauper and even more shameful that my family could not afford his medical bills. I was determined not to die poor nor without power. Yet, I almost suffered the same fate as my dad when I turned 33. I suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with hepatitis C virus. The treatment costs over $30,000 and I cried to Dr. Jones and told him it I certain I will die of that illness since I could not afford the bill. I shared my life experiences with him and how I lost my father to sickness. He was moved with my story and invited me to his residence. The house looked too exotic even for a president and I began to wonder how a younger doctor can afford a mansion that looks certain to worth over a hundred million dollars. He assured me that I won’t die and revealed a secret I have never heard before. Don’t be fooled readers of this that the men did not pay a price to get to those top Illuminati. He said he felt compassion for me and was willing to bring me to the league of elites. He asked if only I was willing to be a member of the brotherhood. Yes, was my answer without a second thought and that was the beginning of my transformation. As a member, I get almost a hundred folds every of my desire and at first, it all felt like a dream. Even though all I needed was $30,000 for the treatment, the brotherhood credited my account $2,000,000. You can imagine the kind of life I live now and the caliber of people I associate with. I feel the urge to help a few brothers genuinely in need of power or wealth today is the only way I can pay back the kindness Illuminati has shown me. You can reach out to the temple messenger no this email ([email protected]) or any of our Agent on CALL /WHATSAPP: +1(601)228-2602, I will like to help a few get the true and only connection of the world’s most powerful men. EMAIL: [email protected] PHONE NO: +1(601)228-2602 OR WHATSAPP: +1(601)228-2602.

The submitted this tip on “How to Recognize a Cult”, which is somewhat appropriate, I obviously rejected the submission though.

This definitely looks like a scam to me. I reported the email and phone number to Google and Whats App respectively, but I thought that I would share them here just in case they are not shut down.