Indian tech support scammer

just got off an hour long call with Indian tech support scammer. spam the hell out of him: 855-763-6310

I convinced him to let me use check, and he told me to mail it to an address. I just gave him fake bank details just to let him get to work. Obviously he just did bullshit work. My virtual machine was perfectly fine before, and it still is.

do you kill toll free numbers? inbox me

These guys are rude lol. TOld me to go F**K myself. Now just on hold

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Think I just got blocked

on with them now…they want me to connect to

also, i did bargaining with him lol and got him to reduce the price from $500 to $300.

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can hear in the background them referring other people to fast support…i played dumb and now they are trying supremo.

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what a steal lmao

line’s stayed busy for me

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let them remote in and they loaded fastsupport again and connected with number 192885904

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do you know how to get their ip address?

they logged me into the logmeinrescue and now are transferring a file called Calling Card Installation…and they hung up. still on the computer tho…

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yeah, they transferred a folder full of files using logmeinrescue, and installed malwarebytes, cccleaner, etc.

they are running a dir tree now, and a microsoft malicious software removal tool

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okay. disconnected. the supremo number 637304301 still connects to something…just dunno the password.

If these scammers work of a Lan and we got RDP theb would shutdown - i/all work???

For cmd? with certain firewall’s this can be blocked. Old cmd commands are not very OP anymore. Make a new thread on this.