Interesting article on tech-scams

I found this article Please share it with your uneducated elder relatives.

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A good article to pass along!

Something else to pass along and to be aware of-- – When going into an establishment, turn off your Bluetooth! When enabled, it allows for “Bluesnarfing” Simply put, this allows an attacker to exploit security loopholes in the Bluetooth connection of a device to access info. The vulnerability is associated with Bluetooth’s Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol, which all BT enabled devices use to communicate.

The only way snarfing attacks can work is if a device’s BT feature is turned on and set to “discoverable” (and some phones keep that on by default), which allows someone to pair their device to it. I did a little test on a friend I was out with having beers, walked to the other end of the pub, came back in 5 minutes and showed him all his photos, contacts, emails and passwords (only store PW’s in a PW manager!) on MY PHONE. And he had his VPN on yet I had no issues connecting. No reason for BT to be enabled inside a public place.


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