Interesting conversation with a "Spectrum" scammer

The numbers they called from are spoofed, so nothing to report there, but it was probably the most “unique” scamspam call I got last week. The buddhu said he was from Spectrum, and could upgrade my TV service and save me $60/month on my bill. Well hot damn.
At one point, he said “I’m going to send three beeps, and upgrade your equipment.” I think he pressed the # key three times, then said “Did you hear the beeps?” I said yes, and eventually he got around to asking me to send a check for $650 to a post office box in Harrison, NJ. I’m somewhat amazed that anyone would be dumb enough to run a scam like that using a p.o. box, but more so that they’d be dumb enough to think I’m dumb enough to send them a check. :roll_eyes:
Before the call ended, I told him I was going to send three beeps, and pressed the # key three times. Then the conversation went something like this:
Me (as the Grupy Old Man): “Did you hear the beeps?”
Scammer (somewhat confused): “Yes?”
Me; “Do you know who Kitboga is?”
Scammer (more confused): “Yyyes?”
Me: “Do you know who Pierogi is?”
Scammer: “Yyyes?”
Me: “Okay. Well, those three beeps mean that one of them is now in your phone system, and if you call my number again, your computer will catch on fire.” :smiling_imp:
That was all for that call. I went to the Postal Inspection Service website and reported it, but I imagine they have bigger fish to fry, and I’m not gonna lose any money to this malarkey.
But somebody (could have been the same buddhu) did call back, from a different spoofed number. The first call shows as a Wireless number in Maine, the next one as being in the 848 [Toms River/Jersey coast] area.