Is it Legal?

I’m thinking about becoming a scambaiter, but I want to know if it’s legal or not. I looked it up everywhere, but no one would just say ‘Yes it’s legal’ or ‘No, it’s illegal’.

I’m no lawyer. Take this with a lot of salt grains, but scambaiting itself (i.e.:prank calling them) is not illegal. You are simply wasting their time. However the legalities of connecting to their computers and such is murky waters that I don’t know much about

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Hi PrimePlatypus!

This is actually my first post. Just found out about this place. :slight_smile: Check with your state laws. In my state you have to have the permission of both parties to record a phone call unless a person is being a nuisance, attempting to extort you, etc… Some states are one party consent.

If it is breaking the law in your state, I doubt anyone would report you for it. The scammers would have to do so and that’s not likely.

I hope you’ve been enjoying some scambaiting since your post!

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