Is VPN on my Mobile Hotspot enough safety

I use my cell as a mobile hotspot to access the internet at home. I have unlimited data so it is my sole internet access. I have Nord VPN installed on my cell and it’s running at all times. Do I need to install and run the VPN on the laptop (my only computer and the one I use at home all the time) too? Since I am connecting to the internet through the mobile hotspot, which is using the VPN, is that enough?

Disclamer: This is an example. Do not get offended.
Take note:
Let’s say that there is this person who wants to stop getting tracked while doing illegal stuff on the internet. He uses a VPN.
VPNs only make it HARDER for the police to track this criminal, but DO NOT STOP the police from tracking the criminal.
Thus, it is hard to say if this VPN is TOTALLY safe.

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Who would trust no rd if they got back and millions of people data stolen when it supposed to be high end von software

Usually a VPN is used to keep the bad guys out so you only need the protection where your data is exposed to the public. But in this case you want to keep the scammers locked inside the VM and not give them access to anything in your network.