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Hi, recently i received a mail from a student of my former school saying her uncle is looking for a dog sitter for $300 a week silly me thinking wow this must be true because it’s from my school email literally no one outside of my previous professors or school officials knows about. Anyway i email the guy and he tells me that i got the job, cool then he tells me that he’ll send a check (never disclosed the price) plus some extra to buy FOOD STUFF for his house, i said ok. Give him just my address and phone number next thing you know te check gets here and it’s for $4,285 or something like that from “Bank of George” literally a non existent bank so i text him that the amount is way too high for no reason then he tells me he said it was to pay for his rent too and he told me in the email(biggest lie). This is where I need your help here at TSU need you guys to blow these people the hell up here is the contact info they used.
Phone number-+1(772) 242-5811
Email- [email protected] [email protected]


We recently received that same exact email form this guy. What happened did the check end up going through we are so confused he just sent us a legit tracking number that “the check is on its way” :thinking::thinking:

This same guy took my best friend for $4800. He used a very similar technique and hacked a teacher’s email and sent the bait email to all the staff in my district. I forwarded the email to my bestie not even thinking it could be a scam. He uses [email protected] to receive emails to bait people as well as the phone number 1-772-242-5811.

Same guy started with me stating he was emailing me in regards to a job application for personal assistant. Which is funny because I did apply for a similar position. Anyways hes going by the name Justin Petersann hes contacted me from a number 760 220 5086 and also from the following email [email protected] which he asked me to call him from now on on 7722425811 he stated a check would be sent to me for an orphanage. And I need to get it sent to the orphanage. From my understanding the United states doesnt have real orphanage with the foster care system

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What the ffff He did the exact same rhing to mee but i really fell for it and ended up sending him money because at first he told me his name was Maxence Fontaine, a SIDA/HIV cure researcher!! and needed someone to pet sit his dog and that he was going to send me a check for “food stuff” later on a 4,850$ check comes in i put it in my bank and he tells me that he has a store manager that will do the groceries for him and that i should send 300$ to the cashapp named $joshualipa, i send it thinking i have the money in the bank, the money it was visible and then they took the money out ( the $ 4850 out of my account ) and also charged me a 12$ fee. i call my bank and they tell me that his account was blocked, I tell him and he told me his bank account wasn’t blocked so he sends another check signed by another person and by another bank name i later on google it and it has nothing to do with what he told me. I am going to the police tomorrow morning and showing them all of the stats!

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Same guy tried to scam me. Used name maxence Fontaine and same number as ye have posted. They found me on next door. Really pissed.

What is the exact email he sends out?
I am struggling to separate his scam from your request.

It seems there has been some sort of success:
[email protected] doesn’t exist anymore.