Job Recruiting Agency Scam

(678) 720-2537
(248) 516-7365
(847) 461-3660

The first number called and claimed that I had applied to a job from one of their partners, which was not true from what was presented to me. After negotiating salary, they sent me an email and they wanted me to stay on the phone with them while I replied to confirm the salary.
When we got on the phone a second time, I told the lady I wasn’t interested. I guess after we got off the phone, she told the crew in the call center about the situation.
I then started getting contacted by the other numbers claiming to offer me jobs. I had the 3rd number offer me a contract job to Microsoft.
These people are just really phishing for my identity. These numbers and the locations from these companies do not represent where these scammers are from.

If anyone calls these numbers and plans on recording / streaming, please share the highlights with me?