Le Classic

While scouring the Internet for a scam site, I stumbled upon this ol’ classic through a malvertising redirect.

Tech Support Scammer, claiming to be “Microsoft Official Support.”

Site does the typical behavior of displaying a fake pop-up stating, in both text and TTS, that “your computer has a virus and spyware that steals your credentials, and that you must contact us immediately to remove the virus,” along with the act of keeping the site open if the user attempts to close it.

The number is +1-800-801-7783. I have attempted to call them, but they instantly hang up after answering.

site is hxpp://

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I wonder when all these scammer will stop using the same pop-up lol. :joy:

i know right? lol even the browser locker styled popups those get annoying but thankfully chrome in a way breaks them

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Yeah lol if they are gonna scam people they can at least put some work into it lmao.