Legalities for me to do this?

I’m looking at getting into doing this but I want to know legalities. I want to go into military, police or intelligence and I need to have a clean record to get in. Is it legal? Are there only some illegal parts of it? or is it just completely illegal?

Its mostly legal. If you are 100% unsure though, stay away from things such as running causing damage to the other PC (eg, running Malicious Programs such as Wannacry; Syskeying etc.) Using RATS to gain unauthorised access to their computer etc. Scambaiting is actually something that can help you get into those jobs that you are looking to get into.

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Cool! Thanks for your help!

No laws in India, have fun, enjoy yourself

If you do end up in any type of service i.e military or police like you mentioned thank you for your service

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I wouldn’t go with this answer alone as pure faith. A lot of it depends on your locality and the laws governing you. I would do some research and figure out the details for yourself. It is perfectly plausible that your locality the laws are based off the location of the attacker and not the victim.

That being said, you can generally do whatever you want on the phone.
You can do whatever you want to your computer. VM or not.
Tricking them into running software, and everything that comes after that? Yea, check your area’s laws.