"Legit" health insurance companies getting referrals from robocalls (Medicare)

Scammer number: (814) 924-4824
Scammer website:
Any other scammer information: I gotta start recording my incoming calls. (I have a recorder on order.)
I received one robocall Monday morning with a female voice yakking about a red white and blue Medicare card, and “more dental benefits, more vision benefits,” etc., etc. Pressing 1 connected me to “Mike from [unintelligible].” That call didn’t last, but when I called back, I eventually got connected to a “licensed insurance agent” who said he was in California. He had to look up the home address of the company he claimed to represent, and it’s a real company, based in Tampa, FL.
Another call to them, on wednesdau, went to a screener who asked a bunch of questions, and it sounded like he was typing in my replies. He eventually asked for permission to transfer me to a licensed agent. I ended up talking to a woman who said she was in Florida. The company she claimed to represent has its headquarters in Connecticut.
When asked if they know anything about (possibly) foreign call centers making cold calls for their company, all these “licensed agents” deny any responsibility for it, usually saying something like “I’m not in marketing.” (One scambaiter on YouTube has confronted some US-based “agents” about Indian call centers making cold calls for them, in search of Camp Lejeune victims.)
Somebody, somewhere, knows or should know these calls are being made in violation of the TCPA, It needs to stop.
For the record, I don’t use Medicare. I’m thinking about a class-action lawsuit.

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