Lifeless tech support scammers

So I was just looking for some other scammer’s details and I came across a website called I knew it was a scam and my suspicions were confirmed when I opened the site. I called the number (888) 863 5266 on their website. Screenshot by Lightshot totally certified with that front-end. The automated voice said “Welcome to ezysupport”. Then a scammer named Monisha picks up and says how they’re and not ezysupport. I confronted her many times telling her that she should fix her script cuz the voice message says otherwise but low life scammers don’t know anything. Also she kept asking me if I am registered so registration is a must to go through. I also talked with some other scammer and pretended I have a pop-up but it’s not a pop-up scam. According to the complaints : Redirecting
So then I pretend I am registered and gave a name which was on their testimonials. The scammer bought it and connected to the “technician” (another low life cunt scammer named ravinder ). He says how I need to renew my plan and makes me go to which, again, is a scamming websharing software. DJ is the “on the floor” billing department boss and he was the next person who I was transferred to. DJ the scammer straight up opens notepad and asks me for my card details. Gave my fake card details. I asked him what the problem is exactly and then he says “some files were downloaded and you need to renew bla bla bla”.Then he says “Do you authorize us, pcfix247 to make payments on your card” basically making this ‘its in your control’ bullshit and I straight up say no. Cries when I expose him later on. Take them the fuck down.

P.S. +1 877 887 3014 says pcfix247 on the dialer tone but they can’t decide which one they are. (888) 863 5266 says ezysupport. Useless scammers.

Good I’m on my home from work I will boot up my airgap VM and mess with him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

haha all of your executives are busy, please stay on the line for us to scam you. LMAO