Loan Fraud 1(929)356-2123 WRECK THIS NUMBER PL0X

I got this lengthy email from [email protected] where an individual supposedly named ANTHONY BORDON was claiming to be the “Senior Investigator from the FTC”. Here is an excerpt "Case No: CS-55333

After receiving this email we will issue a legal warrant on your name
within next couple of hours so before you do anything read this email
very carefully and respond back early as possible.

You are hereby notified that a lawsuit has been filed against you for
three serious criminal allegations. Speedy Cash is a client of ours, and
we are
going to be representing them in future legal proceedings.

The charges with Speedy Cash pressed on you are:

  1. Violation of Federal Banking Regulation
  2. Collateral Check Fraud
  3. Theft by Deception

The affidavit states that (Insert Name Here) was monitored online using the
e-mail address (Insert Email Here) and social security number XXX-XX-XXXX
which is in order to solicit funds from a restitution which is owned and
operated by the Speedy Cash who owns and operates more than 350 online
cash websites, web portals and many of the sub lenders are working for
them (Ace Cash, Cash NET USA, Green Cash, Cash and Go, Lend Up, Speedy
Cash, US Cash, Green Money, Cash Advance, Check 'n Go). The funds were
successfully transferred into your bank account utilizing an interstate
EFT which stands for electronic funds transfer.

Basically all the payday loan companies and payday loan store in the
state of PA working under my client which is Speedy cash Inc.

When the creditor attempted to extract the funds back from your account
as a repayment, at that time 6 EFT’s were returned back constituting
worthless electronic checks. So, as of now rather than chasing you for
money the creditor have simply decided to write this money as a loss, as
well as declared to be stolen and they pressed charges against you."

This email is total BS, and this guy is pure scum

I just got this exact same email. I’m so sick of these scams. People are monsters!

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