Love for the Spectrum Dummies 855-854-1792

Scammer number: 855-854-1792
Scammer website:
Any other scammer information: Standard 50% off scam. Shame them for being a thief

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Dam, I didn’t get a chance to talk to Heady……lol……

such garbage these thieves are still at it give them a call,!!! the 1792 number is still good if you haven’t been blocked already and you can try 888-833-6836 think this may be a different group of spectrum scammers

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I finally have a number that works for me…. So apparently Heady still works there… I keep calling and asking for Heady… there getting angry at me again…lol….

If you get Robin, tell him your Batman…. And do the Batman Voice.

I was messing with then god this morning for an hour solid, no one there that can block numbers apparently and a light day fir them as there is no waiting fir a call to be answered

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Yeah, Heady answered for me one time since. Like two days later. I told him I’m disappointed in him :rofl::rofl::rofl: Pretty sure he’s not saying his name every time when he answers now. Hes just saying “thanks for calling spectrum, how may I assist you?”

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There are quite a few of them that are hesitant to say their names especially when I’m calling him over and over again abusing them and using their fake American names. I’ve also noticed less of them saying the recorded line because I always say let’s get a copy of that recorded line post it up on your social media so your family and friends can hear how you steal gift cards. I don’t know if the same route will work for some of these people but it’s the best that I can come up with at the moment.

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For some reason, there very angry with me again….and I don’t know why?..…
I ask them to speak to there Habbi Heady……… and when I call back I switch the name to the last scammers name…….

Joe Spencer and Leo Cooper are the ones that can block you. So hang up if they answer.

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Christopher can block you too, Joe Spencer thinks I have a YouTube video of him running through his whole script with me as a 73 year old man and he wished me to cross 100, he kept me on the line while I “drove” to the target for the gift cards, he was desperate to keep the scam going, tell him you heard him on youtube, and the comments you read about him scamming a 73 year old man in such a pathetic way

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No one is “working” that can ban numbers today from the looks of it. Just fyi.

…and I was completely freaking wrong :rofl:

On Kitboga’s latest video someone commented about they saw an elderly person was at a store buying a Target gift card for $495 and the commenter didn’t stop them…

This is common enough a scam that random people are noticing it going down.

Ya I’m blocked from all the numbers, till new ones come out……

you need a new number, textfree is great!!

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It says out of service for me…… I used 8 different numbers to check….