Macros within VM

Hello All
Fairly new to all this but love watching these scummy scammers have their time wasted.

I was wondering if it is possible to create macros to enable things like syskey, or file transfers from scammers computers.

Using a stream deck or F-Keys.

I was also wondering as my laptop is not really upto the task of running a non-laggy VM (i am upgrading my pc for my work soon so will be thinking of VM tasks)
Can you practice VM hacking on the same PC that the VM is running, I:E have teamviewer connect, running on the VM and the PC the VM is running on.

Even if I never actually call a scammer, I gotta thank vloggers like scammerrevolts for introduction me to the fun worlds of VM`s

thanks in advance


yes you can connect your TV on host machine with the TV on Virtual Machine. So you can practice freely using desk-sharing apps.

I can’t say anything about macros since I have no knowledge about them.

Thats great to know. My work set up includes 2 extra monitors connected to my laptop.

But do make sure you have a vpn up and running on the host machine.

"When you connect to a virtual machine the protocol that you use an enable what seems to be acting as guest services (the vm is borrowing your I/O capacities, your machine is loaning the mouse and keyboard, clipboard as well!).

If you use RDP as your protocol, this could be the cause.

Why do I know this- I had to take 10 vm’s and run macros simultaneously. The ourput was all wrong!

It turns out the macro was coded so that it copied data from one cell and pasted it to another cell. My clipboard was being shared by 10 different sources!

Disabling guest services or using a protocol other than RDP should do the trick."

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Its an interesting experiment, imagine being able to syskey a scammer with only 1 key press.

definitely something I will be trying when I eventually set up my practice rig.

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sounds like your looking for speed kills haha very admirable. Sounds like something that could be programmed in python :thinking: do let us know if you find anything

I found some new information on this. You could try a Macro recorder program!