Microsoft refund department

number: 844-386-8578

we need to finally shut them down, this number is been working for 2+ months

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I Called em they brought me to a website I Wrote Scammer as my name and wrote the numbers backwards Called him and indian scammer and raged so hard

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I hammered them pretty hard for about an hour and now its been busy for a long time. They might have given up for the night. Can they not block numbers? This was my first time baiting and they picked up dozens of times and they would hang up sometimes without saying anything but they never blocked my number.

Well, now it says the number is busy. Victory? At least for now :slight_smile:

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This numbers back, just messed with them for half an hour and guess what - I got syskey’d - oh no!

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still active right now.

I’ll hit it tomorrow morning

It’s back to being busy I got through twice but they hung up now it’s busy.

They picked up, heard em talking and then they hang up

I was bugging them non stop until they just started hanging up every time it rang. They also take the number down at night but it will be working again tomorrow morning.