Microsoft refund scammer - (888) 423-4055

Number: (888) 423-4055

Things from Windows technical support services please don’t hang up the call this call is in regards to the refund of your money which you have paid for your online computer services a long time back we are going out of business and closing down please call at 888-423-4055 extension 2 claim your refund I repeat please call at 888-423-4055 extension 2 claim your refund.

So these guys are HILARIOUS.

When I initially called they didn’t answer, but they called me back a lot.

He asked if I remembered paying for computer repair services so they could “refund” that money back to me. I said no, then he said to see a psychiatrist to refresh my memory. I laughed, then he said “Love you, bye”.

I called back and asked why he said he loved me, then he said “I’m the one who used to come by your side, don’t you remember?” I said no,and he kept asking me to go on Skype so he could do disgusting unmentionable things. Of course I refused, and said my husband was listening on speaker (he really was). The scammer then said “So what?”

My husband “angrily” yelled OH MY GOD!!! And then the scammer laughed and hung up.

I am so regretful I didn’t record this. Or maybe it was a good thing, he kept talking about very nasty sexual stuff.

Aaaand now the phone number is disconnected… Lol

I called them on different apps and phone numbers, and the same scammer hung up on and called the next numbers in a row, which were all me.

I think that thoroughly freaked them out.

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