Microsoft refund scammers (214) 390-4467



UPDATE: I did it again! I let another one of these guys connect to my teamviewer and when I tried to connect to him from my main pc his pass was 654321! LMAO


I got this scammers id when he connected to me and tried the password “1234” and it worked LMAO! Then I was able to syskey him XD!


Number: (214) 390-4467

Fake website:

Msg they leave:
Your customer this call is from your Microsoft support team as your computer service Christian will be auto renewed there will be a deduction $299.00 from your bank account in case you don’t want to get charges please call us to cancel your subscription our toll free number is 121-439-0446 extension 7 I repeat the number to call is 121-439-0446 extension 7 This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes.


This number still works, I called I tried to get into this scammers computer but he wanted my id, then he took me any desk and then brought me back to TeamViewer and I was like I wonder if he is going to give me his id and password but nope he wanted my id again so then he hung up.


Wasted around 2 hours. The first guy asked if I want to cancel the subscription services of some firewall. When I said yes they asked me to log in to my computer. After wasting some time by acting as if I don’t know how to logon to a computer and open google chrome, I told them I change my mind and I want to renew the subscription. This guy was tired by then and he transferred me to another guy (Thomas - the floor supervisor). He asked me to go get Apple gift card from the nearest grocery store ( Apple and Microsoft have now collaborated apparently). They never let you disconnect the call since your file is open on their desk and it will disappear once you disconnect. So while I was cooking my lunch I made some car noises using youtube videos. Also mimicked some grocery store noises. Finally I started reading out fake iTune gift card numbers in a very non comprehending manner. Even this guy was tired by this time…so he gave me another number and asked me to send pictures of the card via message (3104699726). Since I couldn’t figure out how to send a message , he gave me an email id too ([email protected]). I sent them some crazy pictures with some fine Hindi Literary work and that is when they got raged and thought me some cuss words - the end


Wasted about 2 hours of time This guy (Jeff - one of the floor supervisors) gave me a direct number 310-469-9726 let me hang up the call to get a itunes gift card at walmart (50 minutes) but i just watched youtube then pretended to be my wife and just start saying “im not letting him pay $800” and closed team viewer he keeps trying to call me on textnow :slight_smile: would be nice if someone called and asked for jeff to give him a good troll like l did


lol :joy: Good one! Dummy scammers XD