Microsoft scam

Got this message on my computer at 9:45 AM today.
I called and they answered. [Number-Removed] I didn’t answer.

I talked a customer service rep here is there website this is a fortune 500 company from doing my research if anyone else has anymore info please add thanks. I dont think this company is a scam they could have just used there number as a spoof. Not to sure.

The number for this comapny is different on their site… I think they might have been getting calls so they forwareded it to that company.

Edit: I removed the number from the post since it seems scammers arnt on it atm.

Gotcha thanks like I said I did not get the call because I am usually detailed but I dont understand Dragon when he said he put this as a Microsoft Scam, but how would he know if its a scam if he did not pick up??? Thats why I wanted u to double check.

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8555597512 I want tese guy to know there are more likem I caint call they know me now
They are still live but seame like they have stoped answering bit iv called to many to count so you can try