Microsoft Support Scammers

Scammer number: 1-888-603-8405
Scammer website:
Any other scammer information: Found those guys on Bing while looking for cookie recipes, they connected using Quick Assist initially then moved over to LogMeIn SupportME, they pulled all of the old-school tricks from stopped services in msconfig to the Errors + Warnings in Event Viewer.

What’s even funnier is because this was a test run of my new VoIP solution, I did not expect to land any scammers, so the VM I let them connect to was a standard Hyper-V VM with 0 stealth, one of the scammers opened msinfo32, completely ignored the fact that it literally said everywhere “Virtual Machine” and the hostname had -VM appended to it, and instead mentioned how my computer was manufactured by Microsoft (as Hyper-V uses a similar BIOS to the surface devices).