Microsoft windows scammers - (855) 456-9666

Number: (855) 456-9666

They call about your license being expired so I called them up and said what the voicemail said and he said “Yeah thank you for your time” and then hung up and blocked me XD!



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Lol. nice way of trolling them lmao

Last three digits of the number :thinking:

I am on the phone now with a scammer he is telling to me windows key and letter r which we all know is the run box then he wanted me to tell him what the whole run box said so I did then he says why are you making a prank and I said what are you talking about and now there is no noise lol I don’t understand these scammers lol I have been scam baiting for too long but still they still amaze me at how dumb they are and how they cant defend themselves. Wow this guy blocked my number lol.