Multiple Idiot refund scammers

Number: (484) 212-1992, (530) 961-4113, 833-752-0853

Msg they left me:
Your computer support we hereby advise you that we are shifting our business and therefore refunding your money back. Please call on our toll free number 833-752-0853. Again, 833-752-0853.

I called almost every number on the list today and the best I got was a scammer fighting me to put a syskey on the vm.

Well this post is 2 days old… Usually numbers get changed or shutdown by then.

If you are looking for an active number thought try this one! I just called it and it should still be active - "Critical alert from microsoft" scam popup

Yes I know I mean I called every number posted in the last four days. Even the few posted today.

I guess you just posted some so I will have to try those.