My parents got scammed and here is all the info I got

The numbers are : the number my parents called 1-855-5525, the number they called when I tried to disconnect them 1-800-965-8799 and the number they called to tell my parents they were done 1-855-241-3164. They left their number that is on the invoice at the bottom of the screen I got it took off

Hey Amy. Sorry to hear that. You need to make sure that they didn’t download anything on your parent’s PC. Scan it using Malwarebytes. Second, try to contact the bank to cancel the transaction if possible. Their numbers are all dead so I can’t call them.

Also, did they open any website “that is theirs” on their PC? If they did, provide us the link. We can find more info using that website. Stay safe!

Maybe the payment portal

I am on the phone with them now and they think my name is Sue WTF??? Scammers Victor Wilson 1-855-241-3164 this is direct line he said. This number is for customer service. Help line number 1-866-666-6102.