Name, ID, CC, SSN, personal info generators

Part of an efficient scambaiting and time dra-a-a-a-ging technique is having plausible info on hand.
However, coming up with that info might be a bit tedious…
You can dump the info into a text note on your (VM) desktop, or adjust your script to take time “finding” it…

Here are a few websites that can help generate necessary info (including disposable e-mail boxes!): [Multiple tools here]

Fake Identity Generator [Multiple countries]

There might be more similar tools out there.

Some additional benefit is is providing the scammer with legit-looking but fake info in order to get them to waste time or raise alarms while trying to use the generated info.


I wanted to put CC-related info into a separate post, for convenience-sake…

It’s true that scammers want something easy-ish, like iTunes cards or a WesternUnion (or MoneyGram) money transfer.
Luckily, a lot of them aren’t knowledgeable about the intricate details of banking cards.

If you can’t or don’t want to risk RAT-ing their machine or delivering a payload with WannaCry inside, why not give them fake CC#'s with all the details? They might waste a ton of time on those.

Generate Credit Card or Debit Card Number [Multiple tools and explanations]

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