Need help with a simple Xcode application to prevent showing my VM

I have been trying to figure out how to use Xcode to write a simple app, but it seems harder than I imagined. I have written apps in .net before no problem, but I am not a developer, just a Sys Admin.

When the scammer clicks the Apple logo then About this Mac, and then Support info, it launches /applications/utilities/

I just want it to launch a jpeg of a known non VM
Or better yet but probably harder, a working system information utility with real non vm data.

Any takers?

And for reference, I did figure out how to get a working SN# into my Sierra VM, by default a new Sierra VM will show Serial Number 0

But you can do this with a working SN# and it will actually contact Apple to ‘pull’ the correct hardware information, by default it will say something like “Macbook Pro”
But if you use a real SN# it will show the information of that SN#
Yes, this is my real SN# but I don’t care, it is out of waranty so…
VBoxManage setextradata SierraOSX VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiSystemSerial “C02S9HV2FVH3“

If anyone is interested, I can also show you how to run Apple Mac OSX High Seiarra in a VM, I am running it in VirutalBox ‘on’ a Macbook, but you can also run it on Windows.

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