New one for me - an "SSL" purchase/tech support scam

Short: Had a call that my computer was hacked . The phone guy (screener) sets me up with remote access … blah blah. The “tech” looks around the computer, says I’ve been hacked and so on and then wants me to go to a store (Best Buy, Staples or Walmart) to buy an SSL certificate.

After I buy one, to call him up and he’ll install it on my computer as “anti-hacking” software.

Never heard this one … anyone else

LONG: I do scam baiting and strung this guy along on my VM. The call was the standard, "your IP address is linked to suspicious people in Idaho (my VOIP reads FL). Just happened to be working on my VM Bait box right then, so the call was perfect timing!!

When he gets to typing in all the wonderful fixes he will do for my computer, I asked how much the cost would be. He says no charge, but I’ll need to go to one of the stores listed to get an SSL certificate. I thought he meant a gift card, but then he brings up a link to an SSL web site showing me the prices. Wants me to hurry and get one so he can protect my computer. Gives me a toll free number to call him back.

When I call his bluff he starts removing the evidence that he can remember from my VM thinking there would not be a trace of him.

Comments and/or thoughts on this one. A 1st me LOL

Website for his “company” : (servers in India) giving a central FL address
The toll-free number on the website is what he gave me over the phone.


p.s. GEE-WIZ info … I looked up the physical address and it actually comes back to a design/promotion company … called them up to let them know that a scammer was using their address and that call was suspect as well.

That is pretty funny. And also a new one. I guess they cant afford SSL certification for their website so they get victims of fraud to do it for them. Which is certainly strange. The only thing I can think of as of why a scammer would do that is so they dont give away their information when they want to get SSL encryption. But then again it still doesn’t make sense.

I’m still shaking my head. Up until he asked for that I was sure he was going to put prices up — the cert threw me.

Anyway, should be a good bait video. My VM “Box o’Hell” did a number on him :wink:

UPDATE: The “tech support” in this case was using a HACKED version of Supremo that they provide on their website at … the file is downloaded if you click on the

 "Click Here For Instant Support"

button on the top right, just under the Contact Phone.

It is designed to remove itself once disconnected BUT not sure what else it leaves behind … USER BEWARE!!