New Popup- 855-260-7240


I actually ran across this on my personal computer, I had just watched an old video of Meatloaf singing the National Anthem at an Allstars game, and hit some other click bait, Chrome warned me but I could not resist.
so now I have my VM fired up , and gonna give them a call right away ebfore all my informations are infected and my facebook is infected !
Here is the last page I was on, not sure what I clicked that sent me to this popup



were you able to get the number listed on the popup?

EDIT: oh god I feel dumb I just read the title XD


Not sure why , my upload of an image of the popup is not working, here is a link on google phots to a screen cap

New photo by Benchod Scammer


hmmm weird, well I did call him and he asked for my number so I just called him a bitch and to stop posting popups and he freaked out lol. His name was “John” if you want to ask for him. :rofl:


Here is the actual link that generates the scam popup hxxps://


I spent 2 hours with these guys, pretty standard scam bullshit, even at the end they did not even try to do anything malicious, , video coming


I called them a little big ago but now when I call nothing happens lol I think the scammers already got tired of being exposed XD


I just completed a 2 hour call, 3 techs, pretty standard stuff, but OMFG MY IP Is infected !!!
video is rendering now,
I am not sure about the rules of sharing youtube links

I kept backspacing when he was running tree , and DIR /S, he ran it 7 times, desperate Benchod


One thing I forgot to mention , to perpetuate the scam when you call , they take checks, actually prefer it


For posting videos just put it under the promotion category under youtube


Yeah, Iv noticed they always ask me if I have my check book or something like that.


lol these scammers are dumb. I called and asked if this was scammer support and he ragee and told me to fuck off and stop calling.