New Scam number for "Microsoft Support"

Here’s a number that has called me every day this week (five times in five days). (517) 252-4268. They claim to be with Microsoft, claim my PC has alerted them to a threat on my PC. I just wish they would lose my number, tired of the calls. I do not have the skills to syskey or do anything else of consequence. They hang up on me when I try to appeal to their sense of right and wrong.

Just kept ringing no answer after 5minutes :roll_eyes:

Same as above. Could be a dead number or unfortunately a spoofed number (a number pretending to be another number). I’ll give it a few more goes though.

I gave this number to a friend of mine this morning, apparently, he used an autodialer to attack them this afternoon. Give it 12 hours or so, they may turn the number back on. Sorry, I didn’t know he went after them until a few minutes ago.