New Scam?!

Greetings guys, my apologies for my bad English. This is my first post here. I received this email half an hour ago which made me really kinda uncomfortable lol.

The message is as follow:
Hello , good day
Company Name : Crowne Plaza Hotel Location : Virginia, USA Address : 4453 Bonney Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462,USA Only applicants ready to travel , work and stay in USA we have openings for the various positions and more, just in case you do not fine a position you have experience in , bring it to our notice and we might just need your services .Position (Hotel ,Restaurant ) Store Keeper, Security Guards, Driver, Cleaners , etc . Note: Job offers are only for applicants ready to travel , work and live in USA Company provides accommodation and feeding. Accommodation , three rooms furnished apartment to be shared by two employees . All employees must and will stay around hotel premises and will be ready to sign a two years Contract with us . We offer training and probation for ready to work applicants .Applicants whose applications are approved , (ready to travel with family ) applicants must take note , the company sponsors the approved applicant alone , thus is cases of traveling with family , you must be financially ready to process visa and papers for your family .During your two years contract with (Crowne Plaza Hotel,Virginia,USA) you shall have nothing to do with other Companies,Do not contact any of our emails and numbers online, we have had reports from applicants online complaining of scams from unscrupulous persons , contact us directly using our details given to you . We shall only give our Company details its current, recent vivid order, wise we realized the applicants level of seriousness in our company, I look forward reading from you Thanks. The email received from is : [email protected]

creepy as hell. Beware of such scams guys and thx revolts for all the laughs with ur videos.

publishers clearing house scamer. Publishers clearing house does not call the winner in advance. 1-876-432-6591