New to scam baiting, I have a few questions

Greetings everyone!
I’m really interested in scam baiting and trying to figure out what all I need to get started. Im not the most tech savy person and really want to make sure I protect my computer, IP address, etc. and overall just want to go about doing it as safely as possible. What all do I need to do? Also,
What are your guys’ thoughts on Bobrtc?
Final question, how risky is it to just use my phone to call scam numbers? Any advice you guys have would be amazing! Thanks :slight_smile:

For IP protection I use Windscribe
For PC protection I use a VM (Virtual Machine)
And for BobRTC it works wonders, gives me the numbers, and what type of scam their trying to commit, as well as extra information on them.
And I’d say it’s risky to use your personal number, lots of things can go wrong. I use Google Voice and BobRTC

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To finish this thread up you can find a lot of useful tools here:

Everything is labeled pretty well and you’ll find pretty much everything you could ever need here. Using your own phone number can cause them to find, vaguely, where you are in the world. You’ll also get put on those pesky call lists! Which sucks