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So i’m new to this site, just made a account today. I had a Microsoft tech support scammer call my mom earlier this morning. I told her to give me the phone and i claimed to be the owner of the infected laptop. The wanted to to search qsupport.usa in the windows search bar so it would go straight to the website, but I googled it instead and found out it was a site scammers use. After I told him I googled the site and it was a scam he asked me “why did I googled it, I didn’t tell you to google it” but i told him “cuz your a scammer and your a piece of shit”. Then he tried to tell me “I didn’t know what I was talking about” and before he finished his sentence I hung up on his ass. Before I ended the call I wrote down the info he gave me, so who ever wants a crack at it be my guest.
-Rep name Sam Joseph (obvious fake name plus his accent didn’t help)
-Microsoft Support
-Rep ID MSW3257
These people scammed my mom before out of $800 claiming her computer had a virus and they could clean it. When I found out this happened I told her to look up Microsoft Tech Support # and call, and sure enough the real tech support said the company wasn’t affiliated with them and she got scammed. Microsoft advised her to try to stop the transaction and change her credit card number. For some reason, she tried to call the scammers again and ask for a refund, but they wanted to remote access her computer to give her the refund forms. Luckily, I was home and grabbed the phone from her and hung up and explained to her that they were never gonna give her a refund. Ever since then they’ve been calling her house number for a month now trying to offer her that refund, she knows now to either don’t answer or hang up right away.

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Hey there!
I’m so sorry to hear that these jerk fucks scammed your mother, and sorry to hear of what they’ve caused for both you and her. I’m glad you found us, even if it’s not under the best of circumstances. It’s really sad, but unfortunately someone who’s fallen victim to scams like this seldom, if ever, get their money back. The best thing to do is what the ppl at the real Microsoft said, get a new credit card to prevent further damage. It also can’t hurt to contact the credit bureaus and have them do a fraud alert for her as an extra precaution, regardless of how much information she gave them. That’s what I did for my mom when she fell for the tech support scam a few years ago.
Your mom will probably continue to get calls from them, and also from neighboring scammers for awhile. I’m glad she knows not to answer the phone, or if she does, then to hang up as soon as she realizes who it is. Anybody who’s legit will leave a message, and she can always call 'em back. Eventually the scammers will give up and move on to their next target, or better yet, they’ll get shut down before they get another real victim.

Thanks for your reply and concern. My mom did get a new credit card so she doesn’t have to worry about that. I was telling her it might be a good idea to get some fraud protection like lifelock, but I’m definitely going to mention getting fraud alerts from the credit bureau. Again thanks for your response and sorry to hear they got your mom too. Hope they didn’t get her money like they scammed my mom.

No worries at all! I’m glad to hear your mom got a new card. When they got my mom, she gave them her debit card number. As soon as I hung up the phone after she gave it to me, I called the bank since they were still open, and had them hotcard it when I told them what happened. They said no money had been taken out of the account, and I was gonna make damn sure it stayed that way. For my mom, it was what could have happened, and she was one of the lucky ones. It could’ve been a whole lot worse, and my heart goes out to those who’ve been scammed and lost money b/c of these losers.

Hopefully this number’s dead by now. If not, lurkers, you know what to do, lol.