New to this. Up for technical scams. I know how to handle myself

Hey. I am looking for some numbers to call technical scammers on. Anything will do, thank you!

Me too! if you find any can you let me know please? Thanks

Okay! I will do my best to remember!

18779519501 Heres a number

Didn’t work. That’s okay though. :smiley:

I’m looking myself. If I get any I will post :slight_smile:

the BBB post a lot of scammer reports like this one

This content is based on victim and potential victim accounts. Government agencies and legitimate business names and phone numbers are often used by scam artists to rip you off.
Scam Type
Tech Support Scam

Business Name Used
Antivirus Alert

Date Reported
Dec 13, 2018

Victim Postal Code

Total Dollars Lost

Scam Description
On 12/11/18 I received a call from 011 44 1206 034868 saying they had charged my account $399.99 for anti-virus renewal. If I had any questions call 706 749-1348. So I did. (My 1st misrake). I told them I did not want the service and did not give them permission to do this. They said, “Ok, but you have to fill out this form to get money back.” It had the blue BBB logo and looked official. Then they wanted me to log onto to my bank account to have it removed. SCAM! They use “team viewer” to get on computers and said BBB required them to do this. I checked my account today for any action. Nothing was changed, but they would have probably transferred my funds to them. ALERT! Very frightening!