New virtual machine


I need to re-create my virtual machine but is there any tools, links or pictures I should have on the desktop for the scammer to open?

Taking all suggestions.



With mine I usually use to fill it with programs and for some fun stuff to screw with them I also have this post here: Fake scammer popups / Trick scammers!


typically the stuff they’re after are banking stuff, pictures, and ID’s and passwords. Shortcuts to stupid websites like and banking websites on the desktop gives the illusion that you’re not tech savvy at all.

Bloatware and widgets are also pretty good.

Changing the time manually to install programs on different dates are usually good to do, a little time consuming though…but overall worth it.


I have a folder on vm desktop named “nudes”, which I have filled with pictures of hairless animals. Bears with no fur are really freaky looking!

All good suggestions. I want to nail some of them too, and have been preparing a RAT anda virtualbox machine based on windows 7. I think XP is weird nowadays. I also spent a lot of time masking the VM attributes and make it look like a dumbass PC in trouble.

For this I used your suggestions here and what I could find elsewhere. Some kind of tutorial for this would be very useful. Before I launch an attack I want to make sure I raise as little suspicion as possible, we all should do this. Making sure the scammers have no clue is important to keep them in the right corner…

I do have a very “janky” tutorial on YouTube on how to setup a fully stealthed virtual machine (more indepth guide than anyone else has pumped out) for VMware. For RAT’s and stuff I kind of refuse pushing out a guide for that. lol. Maybe in the future.

I am using old photos and videos from external HDD to fill it up Just going to put shortcuts from windows desktop into a folder zip it upload that to dropbox download it to the vm that will give the illusion I installed programs but they are just short cuts desktop also I put an actual maleware exe on the vm called grandcrab but it wont run because the windows installation is in English not korean but if they would actually scan the pc they would find it well the av would that way I can call them on that shit

Yeah. Well you could tell us how to find that tut for starters. But RATting them requires some social engineering as well, maybe better leave it to people who can find out on their own. Like placing a conspicuous Bank Account_information.pdf.exe containing a crypted RAT stub on the VM desktop for them. Running a keylogger could be useful too sometimes to catch passwords. In the end, it harms them more when you steal their files and destroy their network besides taking up their time…

wireshark a list of insults or a letter to the scammers thats colorful to say the least scammers are getting smarter and using teamviewer a lot less which make rating harder to do

They still need to use teamviewer unless another application develops the black screen option on the program. Thats the main reason why they’ll use teamviewer.