is officially ours to spoil

Hello everyone, there is this website, which actually serves as a domain for a tech scamming company known as nexooon. Oh and don’t worry I’ve already verified that they are legitimate scammers by allowing them to infiltrate my VM. They legit just changed the color of my text to red and then entered ‘tree’ into my command prompt in an attempt to convince me that they scanned something that is really wrong with my system.
I will appreciate it if anyone can go to their website and screw with them or even attempt to shutdown their website even if it isn’t permanently (I mean I’ve done it several times temporarily). Good luck.

I cussed out their chat bot (calling them out too) and it shut down. Did the scumbags actually read it? XD

Also please do not give out your personal contact information such as your email address in that website.
We may never know but scammers could use your emails for Malvertising or sending malicious links. If you really want to communicate with them through the chat box its best you create another email account and use or give them a fake email address.

Since I just made them shut off their chat bot it did go to messenger, and I can confirm it does not verify anything (so it likely is just phishing). They can have fun with the aweful things I plugged into the contact info and the nasty message I left them.

Feel free to spam their contact form with total BS.

I was wondering, I cracked open my vpn to do some chat sacambaiting and seen it was just a bot. At least the bot part is off.

It might come back up once they think the troll is gone (just to get blasted again). But it funnily enough stored my BS contact credentials, so you can still spam nasty things to them with the contact form (though you can’t hear back without a real inbox).

if you really wanted to you could setup one of the 48 hour tempboxes or make a bulljive account.

Lol, it would be rather hilarious to see how they would respond to my spam which has become rather narrative at this point XD. Like saying reading this message will curse you and your family for always and eternity (a Holes reference), posing as “Your Angry Mom” cussing them out for family disgrace being a scammer, now I’m a demon that’s going to haunt them posting a ton of 6s in the boxes (the phone # box has no character limit) XD.

They are going to be so annoyed and mad. >:D

An IP lookup gives, location: Singapore (crap, not India? My Hindi insults are meaningless now :frowning: unless they speak it too, IDK)

They are also hosted by GoDaddy, which means we can file official complaints. :smiley:

They’re back. Thats right, after 23 days of recon they are finally back. We need to teach 'em a lesson.

The site has been online this whole time. Do you mean their chat bot is back to actually swear at them directly :smiling_imp:

Yep, it is, excellent.

Few choice words and it’s dead once again.

Wow they are pussies! Can’t take a hit before shutting off the chat! XD

They may be using a VPN.

The website is still there, just the live chat feature gets turned off instantly after you rat them out. Of course, you can still leave nasty messages with ridiculous contact info just to piss them off.

It seems each time I have a chat with that lady she gets so upset that she replies with ‘chutiya’ but then I reply back with ‘Kutiya’ of course. We need to start calling their number and giving them hell. Their number is ‘18553790999’ and its also found on their website.