Noob Questions

I have a couple of questions:

  1. What software do you use when it comes to spoofing numbers/What software do you use to make calls to scammers?

  2. Is it 100% necessary to use a VPN (especially when using a VM when it comes to a Tech Support scam)?

  3. What would you recommend when it comes to a VM software? (Also, I’m sure there is a way to hide that you are using a VM in System Information… I have seen Kitboga’s videos not showing it in System Info… Is it really necessary to hide this information?)

I guess I am asking for some kind of general overview of how to prepare yourself for making these calls. Any and all information would be helpful at this point. Thank you!


Hi Terminatastron, welcome to TSU. I am quite new to this myself but can share what I have learned so far. I use software called Bria 5 and a VOIP service to make the calls, but you could also use something free like globfone. I would say yes to the VPN, always protect yourself when doing this. I use a VPN all the time so not an issue for me. For the VM I use VMware. There is a tutorial on here somewhere that shows you how to hide the VM info. Hope this helps.

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Imho, if you just let them connect to your VM and don’t break the law (i.e. giving them a virus or ratting them etc.) then I would not consider a vpn a must. Afterall, they can’t file a case against you that way.

I have started doing just this at the moment because I have no way of freely masking my IP address due to my internet provider. However, I already ordered new hardware for a dedicated kodachi linux (which is the only way to stay hidden online for me) to do some carnage aswell.

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Here is how you hide vm information: How to make a VMware Virtual Machine match host system info

  1. Most scambaiters use FireRTC, but if you dont already have an account, its no longer possibly to sign up for one. I use textnow and googlev oice (with a verified number thats actually a textnow number :slight_smile: ) Occasionally I use Skype out that is still tied to an old mobile phone number I have no used in almost a decade.

  2. I would consider a VPN a must, for several reasons.
    First you give away your true IP if you dont use a VPN. Most scammers are clueless, but there might be a few skilled ones or rich ones that want to take revenge.
    Secondly, you may need it to pretend being in a different country, particularly if you are not in the US. A VPN subscription really isnt that expensive, and its useful far beyond just scam baiting.

  3. I know virtualbox, never used VMware, but there probably isnt much difference between them. Hiding the VM is necessary if you want to drag out the conversation. Some scammers are good at spotting VMs, others are completely oblivious even if you throw it in their face. Case in point:
    Why go through all the trouble to hide your VM?

Scam Bait Club has some excellent tools and tips to hide your VMs. Although be advised, if you install the fake dxdiag then the fake msinfo32 no longer works. In my experience, scammers use msinfo32 a whole lot more (also to point out stopped services), so install that, and dont install the dxdiag, I dont recall any scammer actually starting that.

Anyway, the VM hiding is a process. You simply start with what you have, and as you bait scammers, you will find out what needs improvement as you find out how they discover your VM.

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That one may or may not work. For me, it didn’t. I just downloaded a spoofed exe version of the msinfo32 and replaced it with the original one.

Thanks everyone for your wisdom in this new area for me. I am going to start doing this soon and really needed a general overview of important points… and you guys really delivered.

Thanks again,

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