Noobie tryna join the fight!

So I’m extremely new to this whole thing. First things first how do you even get in contact with these fraud companies? I cant seem to find a single number that isnt dead.

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I mainly get voicemails from them since iv been using the same number to call scammer for around 3 years now and for numbers on the forum you gotta get them when they are first posted beacuse many scammers just change their number after they go so many baiters calling. they best time to call scammer would be around 9am pst to 2pm pst.

I’ve had a few Scammers on my VM but non of them have ever downloaded my rat or opened one ive sent and ive never seen a Scammer yous Team Viewer anymore which is a shame they all yous LogmeIn. Any tips Scammers Revolt???

You have to target refund scammers, They are the ones that use TeamViewer