Norton (866) 992-1367

Scammer number: (866) 992-1367
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Fake service they are refunding:
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From: Kristine Howard <[email protected]>

Sent: Monday, April 1, 2024 at 08:10:20 AM PDT

Subject: Thank you for purchasing. $378.00 has been deducted from your account

Dear customer,

Thank you for choosing NORTON-PROTECTION

Your subscription of NORTON LIFELOCK is activated today.

This subscription will be Auto-Purchase as per plan selected . Please Review your purchased summary below-

Billed to
Customer id : KHU412566
Order No : FIT4125987
Amount : $378

your subscription has been activated for 1 year with Norton LifeLock for $
378 .00 on 4-01-2024

This subscription will Auto-activate Every year unless you turn it off, No later than 24 hours before the end of subscription period.

*To Cancel this Subscription, Call : 1(866) 992-1367

Team Billing

Not the best and the brightest!!! call back number 470-524-6593 is the number he called me from when we “lost connection” very excited to run his script!!!

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