NORTON Scammers got a syskey! 877-747-1276

Scammer number: 877-747-1276
Scammer website: / / /
Fake service they are refunding: Norton renewal charge
Any other scammer information:


Call these scammers!


Url to find their various backends is:<1…9999>
Not every id will work, depends on what they have configured in their database.


Answered as Lucifier Morningstar with his best friend being a Demon he’s a big fan of the show Lucifer ask for john williams


OKaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy :chicken: :rofl:

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both websites are down

I called 3 times. Once using textnow but the chods didn’t hear me. I called using Google voice twice each time I played my google translate and cursed them out. They sounded worn out.

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  • ip:“”,

  • city:“Kolkata”,

  • region:“West Bengal”,

  • country:“IN”,

  • loc:“22.5626,88.3630”,

  • org:“AS55836 Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited”,

  • postal:“700006”,

  • timezone:“Asia/Kolkata”,

I’ve called about 70 times so far between 2 numbers, these guys are so dumb…. Tell them, you wanna talk to the “SyS Key Benchod!!!... There so angry!!!..……


They definitely recognize and react strongly when you mention Syskey.

Also interesting, after they get sick of you they just put you on hold. Eventually you get to a voicemail. But they have not set it up right, so when you are done calling you can just keep the call on hold for an hour or longer. Toll free :smiley:

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I’m at them hard again, I got 3 lines tied up atm………LLLLLEEETTTSSSS GGGGGOOOOOO!!!.