Numbers for the stream 12/26/18


Premium technical support - works as of now 18006366809

edit: it works for me without issues


Called me for no reason midnight 7 940 769 30 59


another one 8884245127


Try 0370 524 4622 it is a PC virus removal


855-378-7138 just called this it works. almost scammed a friend of mine.


8482307397 zupport…

edit: do they have accounts here??? It worked a minute before I posted it lol


i called him like 20 times now, telling him i have a problem, i think he gave up



rly? minimum 20 letters for a reply? ignore this line.


Microsoft refund phone number 518-329-9053 WORKS! They left a voice mail for me to call back.


Try 855 676 8763 for a scammer that tried me earlier.


This is the most funny scammer i talked to


Here’s a phone number you can call:
It’s a phony Microsoft call, claiming they want to refund your support payment (that you never made). Caller ID Mayfield, KY


hi all number for scammer in the UK