Once again another apple pop up scam

Number: +1(800)-287-2310

Dang i am finding a lot of these just type gmil.com and u might find them

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gmil.com leads me to this crappy thing:

Its completely random on what you get like I got a paypal reward thing i found another apple pop up and im about to post it

Idk what to tell you there

Also I think it depends on what device your using on what pop up you get

one site it redirected me to is cortexoverlayer(dot)xyz, which redirects to further crap.
but the best thing is that said website is hosted on an Amazon-owned server (IP: and I have their Web Services abuse dept. as a frequent contact.
but wait, there’s more:
VirusTotal says that single Amazon IP address hosts a crapton of malicious sites (100+).
yes, I reported the entire server to AWS’ abuse dept. along with a link to VirusTotal’s list of detected URLs.

Yep tried again and that happened to me too

I can confirm that cortexoverlayer(dot)xyz, among many other sites at the IP address, have been taken down