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Scammer number: (877) 395-4037
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Fake service they are refunding:
Any other scammer information: Love that send email address in the header, lol

Invoice ID: 984-84561846
Date: 03-27-2023
Helpline Number: +1-877-395-4037

Greetings, Geek Squad User

This email serves as confirmation that your computer protection plan’s
auto-renewal date is today.
As a result, you will be charged $ 699.68USD, which will be automatically
deducted from your
checking account at your bank. Our service will be available to you for
the upcoming 12 months.

Product Details: -
Description Geek Squad Premium
Quantity 01
Amount $699.68USD
Total: $699.68USD

Please be aware that this email was automatically created, so refrain from responding to it.
The subscription charges will appear on your statement within the following 48 hours.
However, please call our helpline at +1-877-395-4037 if you want to review or
cancel the subscription.

We appreciate your subscription.
Billing Department
ryan from geek squad

PP sales, Dayton,