PayPal Phishing Scammers

Scammer number:8085565705
Fake service they are refunding:paypal charges/crypto
Any other scammer information:I got an email from paypal after someone requested $1000 from me and this number was listed as pyapal support. lets shut these fuckers down!

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These turd brains answering again today.

Fucktards picking up 12/19


They would not go off script

I just called, and a guy answered, I told him I got this email from PayPal, he asked if I had a PP account and I told him “My girlfriend does” and he IMMEDIATELY went to Profanity… I mean, within 10 seconds… I wonder why? :rofl:
Going to have to edit that one & bleep it out before uploading to YouTube…


Crazy bastages… they wanted me to use to access my desktop.

can we still access their PC with that remote desktop tool?

Little snot nose called back from ‪(660) 298-9351‬ and we’re doing supremo now. SMH, IP hacked and all my info has been stolen from it. Geez.

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They are still answering 808-556-5705 now.

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Don’t know MC, as I told him it wouldn’t load and we went the anydesk route. A question @ScammerRevolts would most likely have the answer to.

You could but would take much more effort on the social engineering part of things into tricking the scammer to giving the information you would need to pull that off.