Pch 412-891-0684

Scammer Number: 412-891-0684
Scammer Website:
Any other scammer information: Michael 5.5 Mil + mercedes

Hello. Good day. My name is Betty Watson calling on behalf of the PCH. It is our pleasure to inform you that you have been selected as the second place winner of $5.5 million cashier’s check, $5,000 every month for life and a 2023 Mercedes Benz car. Your claim number is seventeen zero zero eighteen. Seventeen zero zero eighteen. Now, for security reasons, the PCA transfer your balance to the US Unclaimed department to process your award. To claim your prize, please contact the claim department at 412-891-0684 again. 412-891-0684. Once again we say congratulations and may God bless you

This guy will be delivering my winnings as soon as I get the cards…

Nah, it will be this guy…

If you haven’t watched Justified on FX - I highly recommend it!