Pch scammer trash | (646) 340-0545

Scammer Number: (646) 340-0545 / (800) 517-4515 / 6062124144
Scammer Website: none
Scammer email: [email protected]
Any other scammer information:
Away from your mouth area. This is a secured phone call from the publisher’s clearinghouse head office. This is regarding our win for life sweepstakes. We are thrilled to inform you that you have randomly been selected as our first place winner from among all eligible entries and an automated drawing done by our computers for the amount of $5,500,000. Also a set for life, which is value for $7,000 weekly for life in a new Mercedes Benz. This check is almost two months old and need to be claimed so that it may be either delivered or renewed because of state charges. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement. Your dedication and participation have truly paid off. We greatly appreciate your continuous support and trust in our company and we are delighted to reward you at this amazing prize. Please get a notepad and a pen and a weight your claiming code and the number to the claims department of the publisher’s clearinghouse. You have a few seconds to get ready to write. Three, two, one. Okay, let’s go. Your claim code is 1019, line one. Your claim code is 101991. The toll free telephone number to the claims department is 1805 174515. Once more, 1805 174515. Lastly, 1805 174515. Okay, please to call the toll free telephone number for the claims department and clean your price.

You can call the “PCH official agent” Michael Diamond at 667-240-8513

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After a silent period “Michael Diamond” was answering again as of Feb 8, at the 667 number

I’m thinking Micheal Diamond is Jamaican since he said “Suck u mada” which is something that people from that area say

“Call the claims department at 877-226-3818 and ask to speak with Mr. Powell” we got a new number!

I cant believe this guy is still picking up I got wire info anyone know what to do? Micheal Diamond gave me the info and wants 15 thousand dollars transferred
Getting the stuff shut down right now
Ladies and gentlemen we got em he shut his number down

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Michael Diamond is now answering again! And sounding a little impatient

Probably because he lost a bank account lmao