Scammer number: (267) 820-9095
Scammer website: Pet scammer (Who hires witch doctors)
Any other scammer information:

Hi community, I am asking you for a favor. If you can go spam the hell out of this guy with your text. You can copy and paste below, it will help the world from a guy who threatens our most vulnerable. It takes less than a minute and it will show the might of scambaiters worldwide.

“Hi, I heard you hire witch doctors to curse people. Can you hire one for me as well? Tell the which doctor to call him “Pet Scammer” and his number is (267) 820-9095, thank you.”

I texted him and said that I was interested. Te told me to fuck my mom lmao. I told him that if his witch doctor makes me fuck my mom, then I’d buy him some gift cards.

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Thanks dude! Actually call him, I found out this prick is the same scammer I been talking to!

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