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Since I’m the one that sends out these emails, I know it wasn’t me!
I try to use correct grammar: “email data losting permanently.”

Any other scammer information:

Server.[REDACTED].com Administrator | IT Support
Dear info.
Attention info@[REDACTED].com !!! Mailbox memory Alert Our server has detected that your mail storage space has exceeded its limit and needs to be upgraded immediately. Kindly confirm your info@[REDACTED].com to keep your mailbox from being deactivated and email data losting permanently.
Confirm here…

Account will be automatically deleted after 48 hours. You can change the frequency of these notifications within your mailbox portal…
To update your email address on your admin email list, contact our Web Administrator at support@[REDACTED]com
Admin [REDACTED]com Registry…
Website:www.[REDACTED]com :email: support@[REDACTED].com
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